Life with Dogz
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Obedience Training
One on One personalized training by a Certified Dog Trainer in your home, at the park or wherever it matters most to you and your dog.  You decide what we teach your dog.


Pet Sitting and Feeding
Overnight Stays
Clean Dogs
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Our Services

Consists of 10 -12 dogs.  Each will be picked up at his home and taken to a 7,000 sf outdoor play yard where he can socialize, run, play, swim, dig, etc.  It's recess for your dog.   Way more fun that just a walk.  
We can take Fido for a walk around the block, to the park or a romp thru the woods. He'll get to  go potty and get some exercise.  
We come to your home to spend time with your pets while you are away.  We will feed and play with your pets, clean up any messes and love, cuddle and smooch them.
We can stay overnight in your home if you would like for your pets to have more 'people time'.  Again, lots of cuddling and pooch smooches
While we are caring for your dogs, if they get dirty, we will clean them up before we bring them home.   We can also give them a  full bath before you return from being away.